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Schooling and Conflict in Darfur: A Snapshot of Basic Education Services for Displaced Children. The Population Council, in collaboration with the Women’s Refugee Commission, conducted a survey of basic educational services and facilities in North and West Darfur in 2008. Read about their findings in this report, forthcoming in March. To order a copy, contact publications@popcouncil.org

BMJ has announced the nominees for its prestigious annual award for "Getting Research into Practice." The Sexual Health and HIV Evidence into Practice (SHHEP) group—to which ABBA, a Population Council–led consortium, belongs—was nominated for successfully "advocating research findings to change the law in Ghana so that survivors of gender based and sexual violence are no longer forced to pay for their own medical tests to prove assault in court." Read more about this on page 6 of the linked PDF. (offsite link)

New statistics project more than five million fewer deaths from AIDS in 2030 than previously estimated. The Population Council's John Bongaarts and co-authors François Pelletier and Patrick Gerland address the cause and implications of the revised estimate in a recent article in The Lancet, "How many more AIDS deaths?" (more)

The Population Council applauds the US government’s renewed support and dedication to meeting the health and development goals laid out in the ICPD and other related UN agreements. (more)

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